Pinky Office - The Pink Calculator and more! App Reviews

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Great update

I like shaking the app for different backgrounds.

Cute, but...

Cute app and I like all the pink, but it should be free. You shouldn't have to pay a buck for a pink calculator and pink notes.

Excellent App

Excellent App for my girlfriend who loves Pink!!!

Not usefull

Instead of the memo and email wouldn't a financial log for a small business make more sense?considering the title off the app. This way it includes money taken in, rent,overhead,mileage,profit and loss. Just a suggestion.

Pink and popular?

It seems lots of people like the pink stuff, especially this calculator. I have the other office apps, Choco, Lime, and Peppermint. Even though this one isn't food related, my girl likes pink and so I got this one too! Just like the others, nice clean look!

Could be Better

Get rid of the big pink flower on the notepad and allow more room for the notepad.


How about adding an option to select the color?

Color Me Pink!

I'd like to paint my world in pink. Until that day, I have Pinky Office. Much more fun than using the drab built-in calculator and notes app!

Cute, but...

...plz update where notes can be saved & organized within app ; defeats purpose if I gotta email to myself (as it's currently setup) all the notes I type. Luv PINK, so very cute! 

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